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I’m in the intriguing field of human behaviour, growth and potential, and fortunate to work as a consultant, coach, facilitator and educator.

My previous work experience was in TV media focussing on broadcast journalism, programme producing and training. I wrote articles for various newspapers and websites. In addition, I proofread, edited and copy-edited written works for others whose books have been published and are in the process of being published.

I specialised in filmmaking (screenwriting and directing) and published a book entitled, Biased Pictures: On Prejudice in Filmmaking in 2011.

I write plays, scripts, poetry (in standard Arabic and, to a lesser degree, in the Qatari dialect) and lyrics. Both my lyrics and some of my poetry were sung by various artists in the GCC. I published my second book, Poems in Time of Siege in 2018.

I reside in Qatar, my homeland, where I was born and bred, with my wife Rabab, the daughter of the late Maher Abdullah, a poet, writer, visual artist & designer and AromArtisan™.


I facilitate individuals who WANT to realise their potential (and DO the self-work) to become better in deeds with emphasis on the mindset (including self-sabotaging traits, perceptions, obstacles, limiting beliefs, habits, blocks and fear) for better self-awareness, self-expression and self-growth inshâ’Allâh.

{It is HE Who created life and death to test which of you is BETTER in DEEDS.}



As a consultant, coach and facilitator, I ask precise questions, clarify the root cause(s) and define solutions.


I’m also an author, writer, poet, media specialist and in the creative arts.




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Valuable words from people who knew me in my career and creative life: personalities I cherish and I’m honoured by their testimonials as well as satisfied clients regarding my training, consultation, coaching and facilitation. I pray to The All-Mighty ﷻ to make me better than what they think of me and not hold me accountable for their words and forgive what they don’t know [about me].

Valuable Appreciations